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Serving Our Community Through Christ.


We are involved in our community through a number of projects.  Everyone is welcome to participate!

Blue Skies

We have 'adopted' the staff and students at Rowley Alternative School.  We have provided meals and snacks for the staff, as well as school supplies and snacks for the students. We are always happy to serve them as their needs evolve! 

We maintain a small food pantry to supplement what other food banks are not able to provide. It is intended as a stop gap to help members of our community.

ALL are welcome!

Glass Half Full
We encourage residents and businesses to bring their glass bottles and jars for recycling to The Farm in Docville. If you would kindly deposit them in the recycling bins placed along the downriver side of Docville's horseshoe driveway, they will be recycled instead of filling our landfill.
Glass Half Full is a non-profit that takes the glass donated and turns it into sand for sandbags to be used during hurricane season. These same donations are being used for coastal re
storation as well. 


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